May 20, 2017. Falmouth Harbour, Antigua: The F4 is back in the water and undergoing final re-commissioning and sea trials following an unfortunate capsize in early January. Returning from a day of foiling on the west coast of Antigua, the F4 capsized in squally conditions as it approached Falmouth Harbour. None were injured and the platform was successfully recovered and brought to North Sound Marina. 

Having undergone an extensive refit, the F4 will be heading back North to Bermuda and then Newport, RI in order to promote the class and the Tour De Foil racing experience. 

The risk of capsizing will always be there, especially when pushing in a racing scenario. The goal having now experienced it first hand is to ensure we learn and implement certain developments to minimize costs and time off the water for future owners who understand the risk-rewards of foiling.
— Shannon Falcone


December 1, 2016. Antigua: A delivery crew of five, including professional snowboarder Travis Rice, sailed the F4 over 1,000 miles from Bermuda to Antigua. Loughborough, Thompson and Falcone returned from the trip to Bermuda earlier in the month. Justin Shaffer, a serial entrepreneur, sailing enthusiast and mutual friend of Shannon and Travis brought a fresh perspective to the development of the prototype as well as the class culture. 

Once again, the platform experienced diverse conditions and varying wind angles as well as varying levels of offshore and foiling experience. With two less crew than the trip to Bermuda, most of the time we only had two people on deck, making it another excellent test for the platform over a distance earmarked as achievable in the design brief. 

The blueprint for the Tour De Foil was considerably influenced by the conversations enjoyed on this tour.

I don’t know how to better describe it except for me it’s just like tree riding....I don’t know, this boat is blowing my mind.
— Travis Rice


November 9, 2016. New York City, USA: The F4 is featured in Red Bull Media House’s, Jimmy Spithill athlete project, titled Flying on Water. This adventure was the first crossing of the Gulf stream on a hydro foiling catamaran and the perfect opportunity to test the platform with some of the best sailors in the sport. 

The 7 person crew sailed 662 miles from New York City to Bermuda, enduring 40 knot winds and 25ft waves. The full story can be found on Outside Television’s On Demand services.

Joining Spithill was his mentee, Emily Nagel, a Bermudan native and naval architect racing in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and working for SoftBank Team Japan. This was Emily’s first offshore experience, but it certainly will not be her last! 

Falcone and Loughborough were keen to put the boat through a true test of her offshore capabilities and the vessel arrived safely in Bermuda after withstanding survival conditions. 

The successful trip was due, in great part, to the contributions of Cy Thompson from the USVI and Rome Kirby from Newport, RI. Both were instrumental in the commissioning, optimization and safe operation of the vessel. The team leaned heavily on their combined experiences from the Olympics, America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race.

Matt Knighton and Amory Ross captured our adventure and Chad Carter produced and edited the year long story of the origination of the F4 and the Tour De Foil. 

We went from pushing the boat for performance… into survival mode. These were the biggest waves I’ve faced in a multi-hull and hopefully don’t ever have to experience again.
— Jimmy Spithill


August 30, 2016. Lelystad, The Netherlands: After eight months of hard work, we have splashed and shipped the F4 for sea trials and commissioning in the United States. Our project partners Shannon Falcone and Tommy Loughborough will coordinate operations in Newport, RI in early September.

Our goal at DNA has been to design and build the most stable foiling platform available in a production catamaran. We have created an accessible boat offering speed and easy handling for those passionate about joining the foiling generation.

The design and manufacturing techniques focused on safety, efficiency and sustained flight in waves with coastal racing in mind. The spacious and unobstructed cockpit includes wheels at the helm, pedestal powered primary winches/hydraulic functions and a fluid layout to allow for a wide variety of sail combinations with limited hands on deck.

To make ownership as cost effective and sensible as possible, the F4 is strict One Design. In choosing our components we put a lot of effort into gauging the balance between weight, durability and cost. In most instances we went for reliability and safety factors over weight savings, and by partnering with industry leading suppliers secured competitive pricing in exchange for class exclusivity. We are hopeful the market will embrace our passion to produce uncompromising foiling craft. 

The class will be managed by Tommy Loughborough and named the TOUR DE FOIL (TDF). The class management will develop sustainability guidelines and focus on consistency and value in class organization. TDF offers a unique ownership experience, rewarding both on and off the water. We at DNA will focus on craftsmanship and consistency of production and the TDF team is responsible for organizing a world class grand prix racing experience.

Owner Driver racing is where the up and coming talent of our sport meets the network that enables a sustainable career as a professional sailor. Buying a boat is much more than purchasing an asset. It’s the creation of a team, broadening of a community and investment in the culture and environment that we leave to the next generation. We have tried to keep the price point as low as possible without compromising safety, performance or the experience of participating in the TDF. Despite the lack of compromise, the DNA F4 is more affordable than a new TP52, sails at twice the speed and at a third of the operating cost.

This first boat is being commissioned by Bronco Sailing Team’s Michael Dominguez of Barrington, RI. Dominguez, Loughborough and Falcone have been sailing together since 2009. Winners of the One Design catamaran class at the NYYC race week in July, they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their next adventure.

For me this was an opportunity to support two exceptional sailors who I have raced with for a long time and to take a small part in moving performance sailing forward with a foiling platform that was exquisitely designed and executed by DNA. There’s no feeling like foiling.
— Michael Dominguez